Aerials training

Mummy, I don’t want to go home! Can we stay here?  This is very very fun.  Just exactly what a snow holiday should be!

Here are a few select pics of Lilly in her aerials training programme for the next winter Olympics

Let the firemen through!

When one fireman invites his buddies, you get a fire brigade… To celebrate Vigo’s birthday his friends teamed up to help him eat the fabulous fire engine that mama had baked for him.

True to his mission, Vigo directly blew out the two candles as if to commemorate that from now on he is no longer a baby but a toddler instead.

While Mummy and Papa were trying to pack to come home, two cheeky little monsters discovered a treasure trove in Oma and Opa’s wardrobe.  Lilly transformed from the finest hear to a boofy blonde in the blink of an eye while Vigo tried Opa’s cap on for size.  Will he one day become a Captain in the Marines?  Who knows?

Dank jullie wel voor alle moeite en decoratie voor Kerst, de prachtige kadootjes en de heerlijke dagen erna, we hebben genoten!


…brood is het lekkerste dat er is. Duurt wel even, maar een lekker vuurtje in de kou en warm brood als resultaat maakt een boel goed!

We already knew Lilly LOOOOVEES fish, but we had our doubts about Vigo. Would opa be able to turn Vigo around? Find out…

And the answer is… YES, Vigo simply LOOOOVEED opa’s “gebakken kibbeling”. Still some doubts if he’d eat a raw herring “Dutch style” the way his sister does. We keep that question for our next visit to the Netherlands…