It’s great and quite fortunate how good friends sometimes can convince you to go out of your comfort zone and make the long journey to keep traditions alive. We made it to Château d’Oex’ balloon festival and have enjoyed a sunny day there, even if it’s a bit of a hike from Geneva. With dreadful weather at home (rain and clouds) the sunny sky upon arrival made for a good change and the company and setting were fabulous for a full day of excitement and pleasure for both young and old.

Of course the traditional luge descent was part of the repertoire.

See you back in 2018 if the weather is good?

Frank’s GoPro images

Sleds and snowplay at Col du Marchairuz

I think we’ve gone soft of late using chairlifts to take us up again when sledding. So it hurt a bit having to drag the kids up in the sleds, but my was it fun and the snow was superb!
Lilly and Abel loved playing in the soft deep snow and Vigo thought it hilarious to sink up to his waist. Côme worked on his snowball making skills, but still has some work to do there!
After a very filling lunch, lots of tired bodies! Even the drive home was stunning through snow covered villages and farms!
Great day out! Thanks Laurie and Julian!

Aerials training

Mummy, I don’t want to go home! Can we stay here?  This is very very fun.  Just exactly what a snow holiday should be!

Here are a few select pics of Lilly in her aerials training programme for the next winter Olympics

Let the firemen through!

When one fireman invites his buddies, you get a fire brigade… To celebrate Vigo’s birthday his friends teamed up to help him eat the fabulous fire engine that mama had baked for him.

True to his mission, Vigo directly blew out the two candles as if to commemorate that from now on he is no longer a baby but a toddler instead.

While Mummy and Papa were trying to pack to come home, two cheeky little monsters discovered a treasure trove in Oma and Opa’s wardrobe.  Lilly transformed from the finest hear to a boofy blonde in the blink of an eye while Vigo tried Opa’s cap on for size.  Will he one day become a Captain in the Marines?  Who knows?

Dank jullie wel voor alle moeite en decoratie voor Kerst, de prachtige kadootjes en de heerlijke dagen erna, we hebben genoten!